Love is ALL there is.

About this thing called life today …

I have been taking a photo from my window every day, to get some perspective on my perspective. There is no photo of the view from my window today. I was at a funeral for a great Irish woman here in Butte and taking a photo would have just been too tacky. What I saw was a community gathered to honor, to share in laughter and grief, and to love. The depth of that love was palpable, leaving me wondering (as I have wondered before.) What will it take for us to express our care and concern for each other on any ordinary day?

It was a true honor to know the woman who died on Sunday and was buried today, next to her husband who had been buried 42 years ago. It was a blessing to talk with her, to play and tease her, to be included as one she knew.

i suspect it was so for most everyone gathered there today. And for the most part, I suspect it is that way for each of us, when we are willing to be completely honest, to be fully engaged with those around us, to be vulnerable in our humanity and to confess our love for those in our lives.

So in case you wondered ~ I love you. I will love you no matter what. If you need someone to sit with you while you cry, I will be there. When you want someone to listen to your jokes or to tell you a joke, I am your gal. I want to divide your sorrow by listening. I promise to double your joy when you share with me.

I want you to sleep tonight, knowing that in all the world, there is only and will ever be only one truly incredible passionate loving you ~ and that’s all there ever needs to be.

Sleep well. Love wins ~ and truly, Love is all there is.

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2 thoughts on “Love is ALL there is.

  1. Stephanie

    What a gifted writer you are. I couldn’t agree more. At days end~~love is all there is.

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