It’s a roller coaster, this life thing…

Isn’t this life thing crazy? We move from joy and elation to sadness and grief, from peace and quiet to noise and chaos, from courage and confidence to fear and trepidation. Experiencing each and every moment can be tiring and leave us fatigued, confused, and weary of the roller coaster of emotions.

And yet, the moments that are most memorable, the ones that leave us feeling most alive, are those very same moments. Without the depth and breadth of experiences, we would likely find ourselves bored with our lives.

So tonight, I close my eyes, knowing that loss and celebration, death and birth, angst and glee are all part of what we signed up for.

Otherwise, what are we here for?

Take a moment today. Take a risk.  May you be open to all that life has to offer.

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One thought on “It’s a roller coaster, this life thing…

  1. Life is an emotional rollercoaster! But, at the end we prevail! 🙂

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