Earthquake in Chico! For me anyway …

FB_IMG_1508097417408During the first week of October, the Women’s Law Section of the State Bar of Montana held its every other year continuing education seminar at Chico Hot Springs Spa in Pray, Montana. Eighty women registered for the one-day event; a percent of them spent at least one night, a smaller percent of those also took a soak in the hot springs pool, and an even smaller percent spent more than one night. As far as I have been able to determine, only one took advantage of the massage services at the resort.  Continue reading

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A Clean Bill of Health

ELIMINATE ANYTHING TOXIC IN YOUR LIFE. I started with the easy stuff ~ the toxins under the sink, the bad food, and the harmful chemicals in some of the soaps I may have been using. The tougher toxins involved relationships, choices, and incompletions I had tried to sweep under the figurative rug. By completing and resolving those toxic things with love and compassion, first for myself and then for those I have loved and cared for, I was able to ‘cleanse’ my space. I learned to eliminate anything toxic in my life.ILLNESS BEGINS WITH I. WELLNESS BEGINS WITH WE. Only when I allowed myself to receive the contributions of others was I able to return to life. The social commons held exponential opportunities that I could never amass myself. In the words of Groucho Marx, great American philosopher. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” I was learning, through struggle and effort, that I could gain strength, healing, and power by sharing and receiving. This is a game changer for me. Illness begins with I. Wellness begins with we.WHEN YOU CAN’T AND THEN YOU CAN, YOU NEVER WANT TO NOT AGAIN. Many times during those first months, I was asked why I kept going back to the gym. It did not appear that I was getting stronger, slimmer, or healthier. Some days, it probably looked like I was struggling. The truth is I did not know whether it would ultimately extend my life or improve my health. What I did know is that I was not too far removed from having to use a cane to walk, nor from being unable to walk more than three minutes without sitting down and resting for ten minutes. Up to that point, I had taken for granted walking, dancing, and functioning in any way physically. Once I was able to start moving again, I knew I could not take it for granted. I learned that every day is a gift, and to use the gift to its greatest and highest benefit, I needed to do whatever I could. I learned that when you can’t and then you can, you never want to not again.

Source: A Clean Bill of Health

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Shining through the storm …


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The sun also sets …


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Do You Ever Wonder?

2015-05-09 13.17.09What a joy and an honor to speak at the Conference for Global Transformation. Check it out here!

Do you ever Wonder?

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May you live in interesting times.

This curse (incorrectly assigned to the Chinese) seems to capture much of how life has occurred for me lately. From clients and the issues they are confronting to illness and injury that seem to be attacking many I love and care for without warning or reason, I have found myself in varying stages of stuck, angry, and grasping.

Today, in what can only be described as an act of defiance, I just kept taking actions. I made a few of the many calls I owe. I waited out the customer service line to recapture the $200 improperly charged to my account. I checked voicemail promptly and returned calls. And people who had messages from me all called me back.

The moral of the story? Taking action makes all the difference. The lesson for me is to ensure that I keep taking action, especially on those days when I find myself in those familiar varying stages.


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It’s a roller coaster, this life thing…

Isn’t this life thing crazy? We move from joy and elation to sadness and grief, from peace and quiet to noise and chaos, from courage and confidence to fear and trepidation. Experiencing each and every moment can be tiring and leave us fatigued, confused, and weary of the roller coaster of emotions.

And yet, the moments that are most memorable, the ones that leave us feeling most alive, are those very same moments. Without the depth and breadth of experiences, we would likely find ourselves bored with our lives.

So tonight, I close my eyes, knowing that loss and celebration, death and birth, angst and glee are all part of what we signed up for.

Otherwise, what are we here for?

Take a moment today. Take a risk.  May you be open to all that life has to offer.

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BELIEVE … Sorini Strong


Today, I simply ask that you pray with all our community for miracles for my childhood friend Pete Sorini and his wife Stephanie, their children Mar, Bella, and Gia, and all their family. Thanks in advance.  I rely on you and I love you.

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Love is ALL there is.

About this thing called life today …

I have been taking a photo from my window every day, to get some perspective on my perspective. There is no photo of the view from my window today. I was at a funeral for a great Irish woman here in Butte and taking a photo would have just been too tacky. What I saw was a community gathered to honor, to share in laughter and grief, and to love. The depth of that love was palpable, leaving me wondering (as I have wondered before.) What will it take for us to express our care and concern for each other on any ordinary day?

It was a true honor to know the woman who died on Sunday and was buried today, next to her husband who had been buried 42 years ago. It was a blessing to talk with her, to play and tease her, to be included as one she knew.

i suspect it was so for most everyone gathered there today. And for the most part, I suspect it is that way for each of us, when we are willing to be completely honest, to be fully engaged with those around us, to be vulnerable in our humanity and to confess our love for those in our lives.

So in case you wondered ~ I love you. I will love you no matter what. If you need someone to sit with you while you cry, I will be there. When you want someone to listen to your jokes or to tell you a joke, I am your gal. I want to divide your sorrow by listening. I promise to double your joy when you share with me.

I want you to sleep tonight, knowing that in all the world, there is only and will ever be only one truly incredible passionate loving you ~ and that’s all there ever needs to be.

Sleep well. Love wins ~ and truly, Love is all there is.

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Completion ~ Access to a Truly Remarkable Day

Today was a truly remarkable day. Truly remarkable. It didn’t start out that way.

 I was at the dentist’s office this morning, dealing with an abscess tooth. I was sore and nauseated.

 As the day unfolded, all of that seemed to just be the groundwork for a truly remarkable day.

 In 2008, I took nearly 500 CDS from their cases and packed them in a box to take to Kansas City with me. The thought was that I would be able to store them in my iTunes account and I would have time to do that.

 I did not have time. I am fairly certain that I didn’t listen to more than five of them during my eleven month stay in KC. I brought them back to Butte, planning to return them to their jewel cases and store them in iTunes then.

 I have moved twice since then, taking all those empty cases with me ~ and taking the box of CDS came along for the ride. In March of 2011, I hired an organizer who worked with me to get things managed and stored. One of the projects we identified was to get those CDS into their cases, sorted, and stored in iTunes. Within a month of that organizing, I lost the box of CDS.



So imagine. I have a box of +/-500 CDS and cannot find them. I have empty jewel cases for those CDS. And I am now sure I have lost those CDS and their music ~ saved over the previous twenty plus years. I often laid awake at night imagining the music, the money I had invested, and all the places the CDS could have gone. (At $10 per disc, that’s about $5,000, in case you were wondering.)

 A couple weeks ago, a friend mentioned he needed work, and I hired him to work with me to get some projects complete. Today, he arrived at 2 pm to continue getting through the sorting. I figured we would end up tossing those cases, knowing the CDS were long gone. 

 Until this afternoon. Today, in the bottom of a 40-inch box, I found that shoebox filled with the CDS. And by 7 pm, we had sorted all the CDS, restoring the found discs to their cases. I was so excited, I started to cheer. I laughed. I danced a little. I celebrated. Completing this task brought completion, peace of mind, and integrity to what had been a mess for nearly four years.

 And I wondered. What else have I lost that I can celebrate? What relationships have been put away in a box for safe keeping? What practices have I ended that would serve me? What is in the closet that would make a difference in someone else’s? Where can I take the extra fill-in-the-blank-stuff that will be a contribution to others? Where else are things a bit of a mess? To what else might I bring completion?

 Today? Today was a truly remarkable day.

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