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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~ For 100 days?!


In honor of the beauty of the fall and after returning from London where I participated in “The World is Your Stage” I knew I had to take on something great! October 2, 2014, I took on a new challenge. In keeping with this Eleanor Roosevelt quote, I am seeking something to do each day that scares me. So far, it has been fairly simple to find those things.

Making unusual requests of people covered the first couple days. On the third day, we held our Board Summit, a first in some time for our Kiwanis club, and I asked questions and invited feedback that scared me. And we all lived ~ thrived, in fact!

The next few days, I invited my mom (then my sisters, then my brothers) to attend the annual dinner for the Silver Bow Butte Kiwanis where I would be installed as president. Used to be that I would do things and then tell my family, somehow embarrassed to tell them what I was doing. Mom and my sister came, bringing my nephew Thommy, a sweetheart and hugger! My niece said yes and came to be with us. My brothers were busy ~ and I may have had something to do with them not being there. I always worry what they think and what they might say ~ we can be a tad sarcastic in the family.

Thursday, the day of the dinner, I took a leap of faith and had my hair and makeup done. Now, makeup is a big dang deal for me as I rarely do more than a cursory blush of makeup. The makeup involved something I have never done before ~ additional eyelashes. While it was awkward to sit quietly for so long, I was happy that I tool the risk.


The weekend brought a new and highly anticipated risk. I travelled to Missoula for a volleyball tourney, not really a risk, and clearly an unplanned excursion. On Saturday, I took another leap ~ getting a proper fitting for a bra. I have been talking about doing this for a few months and have been embarrassed ~ and concerned that I would make a fool of myself. I could not have been more wrong.


The fitting was easy ~ and even though the shop was packed with shoppers, I was so cared for by the staff, getting right into a dressing room, making comments, making changes, changing my mind, changing it back, and ending up at the counter with a collection of products. Then, as if to endorse the risk, I got discounts, bonuses, and even a voucher for my next purchase. To my pleasant surprise, I now have proper undergarments that need no adjusting after I put them on in the morning!  (This will also be a relief for those who spend time with me during the days!)

Admitting mistakes publicly, acting even when I am unsure of my steps, and being willing to ask for support seem to be the underpinnings of my scary acts so far. Since I have some 80 days to go, I suspect I will learn much more about what scares me.

Perhaps you have a suggestion for something that may scare me. Perhaps I will take it on. Leave your suggestions here. Maybe it will bring me closer to you.

Who knows? Wanna play!?

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Belonging? Let’s give it a try!

I am a Kiwanian. An international service organization, Kiwanis strives to care for the world’s children, one child at a time, one community at a time. My membership is to be expected. I was a Jaycee Woman, a Jaycee, and always a community service minded kid. What I find difficult to deal with at the moment is the loss of membership in these organizations.

Across the board, organizations like the Jaycees and Kiwanis (and all the animal clubs and other service organizations) have been losing membership. This is happening, even in the face of a growing population on the planet ~ and at a time when men AND women are welcome to be members.

I don’t think there are fewer people donating their time and efforts. In my community, people are involved in service around me every day ~ and almost every waking hour. Their interests are many and varied. And therein, I suspect, lies the problem.

Individual and personal service does not require partnership nor association. I can go to the Food Bank or the Salvation Army and spend time, with or without another going with me. I can make a financial contribution. Personally, I find that kind of participation a little less rewarding. I love the social aspects of belonging to an organization.

Belonging ~ there. I said it. I love belonging. Blame my childhood and a home with ten people in a neighborhood with almost one hundred children. The joy of sharing my glee and dividing my sorrows is unsurpassed by any solitude or individual satisfaction I get from service, work, or almost everything else I do.

Which gets me wondering ~ do our children have a sense of belonging? They compete in sports, for spots in the first chair of the band, for the top scores in their video games. They fight to win. But do they belong? For that matter, do we as adults belong? Do we know that our presence matters ~ that we make a difference?

I am taking on a mission this week. In honor of Holy Week, and a time when our differences may seem more accented than at other times, I will be including people. There are people to whom I nod at Starbucks; I don’t know their name. This week, I will make an effort to have them belong. When I pass kids in the store or on the street, I will make eye contact. I will say hello. I will work to be a community of people who have the experience of belonging.

And if those folks experience belonging, perhaps they will pass sit on. Maybe they can include others. Could be that they will help another to feel like belonging. And if we belong, we will, most likely, not feel isolated. We will not be separate. We will not have depressing feelings or thoughts. We will not do harm to ourselves or to others.

I guess, if we can do that, we can impact one child, one community at a time.

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