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  1. PatMcGinley

    Cathy Dear, As we have skipped about each others lifes through our many mutual relationships I never in my life knew of the trials you under went. Girl, I got tired reading you synapsis. I too embrace the finding of a new and stronger voice as time progresses. i wish you nothing but the best, continued recovery on all fronts and to use my Mom’s favorite saying, May all roads rise to meet you, may the good Lord turn the heart of your enemies and if he can’t turn their hearts may her turn their ankles so you will know them by their limp. Slan’.

  2. Mona Simons

    So thrilled for good health for you my friend – all the Indian stuff confuses me – you will have to call and explain. Also, met Fr. Bart from Mazula (sp) and was prayed over with Fr. Stu’s (MT) stole. Amazing healing feeling.

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